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#1 December 2017 : headlining programme planning at Christmas; IRDBF establishment in Norway; Michael Green's Waikato Farm.

#2 March 2018: headlining welcome mats put out by ARDB members; Guest Speaker Dr Andrew Hoare BVSc; Graeme Hamilton's herd at Hamilton's Run.

#3 May 2018: headlining privacy policy GDPR; McLeod's Daughters; Dr Jennie Pryce; Genetics Australia 60th anniversary.

#4 August 2018: headlining Boldview Farms; Michael Harvey; The Twelve Apostles on Great Ocen Road.

#5 September 2018: headlining Registration Brochure launched; Warren Doecke; Peter Williams; Braelee Illawarras and sheep shearing demo.

#6 October 2018: headlining Joint Masters of Ceremonies; Kilsby Sinkhole; Jan Raleigh.

#7 November 2018: headlining Duncan Hunter UK Ayrshires; Rydges Pit Lane Hotel; Treeton Illawarras.

#8 December 2018: headlining Prof Dr Georg Thaller; Mitchell Wilmot jazz quartet; Brett and Bronwyn Davies.

#9 January 2019: headlining Dr Jo Coombe; Glenelg beach; James and Robyn Mann.

#10 Australia Day 2019: headlining ERDB and IRDBF meetings; Youth Scholarship Winners x 2; Philip Hentschke.

#11 February 2019: headlining David Kendall, Youth Scholarship Winners x2; Morten Hansen.

#12 March 2019: headlining Duncan Hunter; Dr Jo Coombe; Philip Hentschke; David Kendall.

#13 April 2019: Overview - we brought red breeds together.

Youth Scholarship Winners
Countries with delegates registered as attending 2019 conference in Australia.
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