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Are you looking for a few ideas to make the most of your trip to Australia for our conference?  Look no further!


To help with your forward planning we have published some links on this page to give you some ideas. 

NEW!  A number of our members are willing to host guests for a farm walk before and/or after the official conference tour.  If you are staying around for some extra time and would like to see some more Australian Red Dairy Breed herds, you are invited to make personal contact with the members listed here to arrange a private visit.  Wherever you go in the world, we guarantee that farmers love to talk "cows", especially red cows!

Map of Australia showing layout of the states.
Map sourced from as per the Terms and Conditions of use.


We recommend the website for a broad overview of travel ideas for the state of South Australia.  Popular favourite destinations are Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, Flinders Ranges, Kangaroo Island, and of course the Limestone Coast which is the location of our main conference days and farm visits.


For the busy state of Victoria we recommend the website for loads of travelling options.  Popular destinations are the Goldfields, Yarra Valley, High Country, The Murray River, and of course the Great Ocean Road, which our itinerary will cover some of.


If beaches and warmer climates are more your interest we recommend for a comprehensive overview of holiday destinations in the north eastern state of Australia.  The Great Barrier Reef, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast are the long time favourites of Australian holiday makers.


Always a popular state for tourists, mainland Australia was first settled by the British at Botany Bay (Sydney) in 1788, although Aboriginal Australians had long been in the area.  For a diverse range of places to visit and activities to take part in go to the website


While not strictly a state of Australia, the federal Australian territory of Northern Territory is certainly very popular for those wanting an Outback experience.  Covering about 1,350,000 square kilometres (or 520,000 square miles), the Northern Territory is the most sparsely populated with just 244,000 residents.  Be sure to get the right advice about remote travelling from


Our largest state of Australia is Western Australia, sizing up at a massive 2,600,000 square kilometres (or 1,020,000 square miles), and covers all of the western coast of the continent and spreading well inland.  The range of experiences in this state is varied, with tropical coasts in the north and central areas, outback adventures to be found inland, and lush wine growing regions in the south.  Jump over to to find out more.


Hanging off the bottom of the south east coast of Australia is the delightful island state of Tasmania.  This is a lovely state to visit during our warmer months of November to April, with gentler temperatures and unhurried travel options waiting for you.  Take a look at for advice on touring the popular areas of this diverse island state.




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